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live motion hockey cards — vintage style (12 of ?)
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live motion hockey cards (6 of ?)
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Shawn Thornton and a pair of pups work it at the Rescue the Runway fashion show. (x)

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that’s his bed now

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"He doesn’t beat you because he’s Bobby Orr; he beats you because he is the best."

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"Anytime you go to battle with a group of guys and you make it that far, you get that little taste of greatness."

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 [Requested by: anon] Tuukka Rask visits Jimmy Fund Clinic

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"We have the best team in the world." 

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This is deeper than color .

One white woman being kicked in the head doesn’t make it NOT about race.

Sza I was rooting for you and your thin ass vocals why would you post this?

The picture in question is from 2012, when a Lincoln police officer kicked a white woman in the head while she was handcuffed.

This officer was put on unpaid suspension, eventually resigned from the force and convicted of felony battery with a dangerous weapon.

Mike Brown, an 18 year old black boy, was shot in plain daylight for no reason, while stating that he was unarmed. his body was left out on the street for hours and Ferguson police called for back-up forces before they called the paramedics. The officer who shot Mike has not been named. The people of Ferguson, majority black residents, have been teargassed, shot at with rubber bullets and greeted by tanks and assault rifles in their attempts to protest and their calls for justice have been greeted by silence and SWAT teams. The officer has not been arrested and has not been named. He’s on PAID suspension. The police have been illegally arresting people and not telling them why and they still aren’t answering questions about the shooting.

so, tell me, you sing-sighing on the track ass bitch, is this deeper than color?

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