hey i like the bruins and tuukka rask...that's basically it

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A friend was travelling through Laos and Vietnam and met this little fella

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Tuukka Rask plays street hockey to benefit Good Sports charity. (x)

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HHOF Queue (5/∞)

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You rock my soul, it’s all too much. NHL 15 is my new endeavor. Hold my calls. For like, forever. (x)

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The True Trayvon Martin

  • He didn’t eat pork bc his father didn’t. Once his uncle fixed pork chops; they smelled so good,he called them “beef chops” & ate 1.
  • He was passionate about aviation.
  • When he volunteered at a soup kitchen for. The first time, he was astounded by the US hunger crisis.
  • He loved his little cousins birthday parties. Even as a teen, he wasn’t too cool for Chuck E. Cheese.
  • He was modest about saving his father from dying in a house fire. His father called him his best friend bc of it.
  • Hoodies made *him* feel safe. Like so many teens (and adults), he wore them as a protective shell, a security garment.
  • He called his dad, “My ol’ boy.” Lord, how he loved his dad.
  • When folks wanted to tease him, they said, “Boy, you too skinny to take a breath.” And he’d just smile.
  • If he wanted to hang out with his cousins and they had chores, he helped so they could finish faster.
  • His uncle said they never had to ask him to do something twice.
  • At 17, he was still into BMX bikes. He could cat-walk wheelie.
  • The tattoo on his wrist read, “Sybrina.”
  • The tattoo on his chest read, “Cora” — his grandmother’s name.
  • I’m going to stop here. But just claim one of these memories I tweeted. Carry part of this boy with you, write him on your heart.
  • Write the beautiful details of all the black children you meet on your heart. That’s where they’ll be safest.
  • I feel like this stuff is important.

All facts about Trayvon are from this Esquire article.

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hockey against humanity (insp)

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"When Brad Marchand got his hands on NHL 15, his heart sang out. Then his voice sang out. Then he picked up a guitar and went right to an open mic night." (x)

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reilly smith // player series

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you kids these days with your rapidly growing concern for the state of the world and your knowledge of important issues at increasingly younger ages despite having been told your opinions don’t matter by the adults who put you in these situations

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want this moment burned on my eyelids

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